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This service is for those who need legal research and analysis to determine answers to specific legal questions.  My team and I determine answers to current issues/obstacles that impact the ability to move forward with brand protection services (e.g. copyright applications + trademark applications).  Get the answers you need without any obligation to retain our firm further. 

IP Due Diligence

  • Once a service is purchased, our team begins the work process immediately, and we will not provide a full refund after we have begun working on your service. If we have begun your service, which occurs immediately upon payment, the most someone could receive back is the price paid minus the billable rate charged by the attorney or staff person who has already commenced service and minus any expenses or costs already incurred.  

    Once a filing has been submitted, motion/pleading/brief has been filed, or a letter has been issued, there is no refund provided to the client whatsoever. The client agrees to this understanding by submitting payment via our website and submitting their intake form to our firm for representation. There are no exceptions to this refund policy.

  • The fee is per issue.  Your proposal for services will tell you the number of issues you have.  Please choose the correct quantity when purchasing.  

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