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If your trademark application was published for opposition but now the USPTO has notified you that your application has been opposed by another mark owner, let tmalaw help you navigate the minefields to secure registration.


If you need to oppose the application of someone else, we can help too.  


The Pleading Phase

Many opposition/cancellation proceedings can be resolved in the initial stage.  We will:


  • file an extension request, notice of opposition/cancellation, or answer on your behalf
  • drafting correspondence or communications in negotiation with the other party
  • attend the initial discovery conference 
  • draft an official settlement agreement between the parties


We do not charge additional fees for phone calls, meetings, or other items.  This fee covers all services prior to being formally ushered into the Discovery Phase.  Filing fee for one class of goods and services is included.  

Trademark Opposition/Cancellation (Settlement + Pleading Phase)

  • Please see the return and refund policy in your Engagement Agreement.  

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