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tmalaw services

tmalaw provides legal guidance and advising to brands throughout its entire life cycle - from conception, to launch, to expanding its reach through collaborations. We work with:

businesses that sell branded products or services

talent, influencers & athletes who are the brand

hubs, accelerators, agencies that are centers of influence for brands


Brand protection is essential to grow your revenues, create economic advantage over competitors, and prevent copycats in a fast paced, ultra competitive marketplace.

  • Business Protection

  • Name Protection

  • Product Packaging and Design Protection

  • Works of Creativity 

  • Contracts to Secure Ideas



The success of your brand depends on its perception by the public.  To protect this, you need to watch for infringements and damaging situations, and use appropriate legal remedies when necessary.  Let us help you protect your company's valuable IP assets while minimizing litigation risks with your specific brand strategies in mind.



tmalaw knows that the ultimate goal of brand ownership is leveraging it for use by others in a way that proactively communicates with consumers, reinforces brand messaging, and connects with them, resulting in not only sales but in brand affinity and loyalty.  Any permissions to use your brand must be captured in writing with your brand equity and reputation at the center of a well-structured deal.

  • IP Due Diligence

  • General IP Counsel

  • Franchising

  • Licensing Administration

  • Contracts to Secure Deals

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