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Office Actions

Filed your trademark application yourself, but now the USPTO has issued an Office Action refusing to register your mark?  Let tmalaw™ help you navigate the minefields to secure registration.

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Don't lose your investment.  Let tmalaw™ trademark attorneys fight to overcome the USPTO's refusals and push your trademark to registration.

You've waited months for your trademark application to be assigned to an examiner.  You've paid hundreds of dollars in non-refundable filing fees.  Don't lose your investment because you're unsure how to respond to the Examining Attorney.  Don't lose the benefit of the filing date of your application.  Don't risk your application being abandoned and someone coming along and stealing your brand name from under you. 

tmalaw™ is experienced in responding to the USPTO and securing #smartresults for our clients.  

Listen to how we successfully argued on 
behalf of a merchandising brand
to overcome refusal to register his trademark.  


Trezanay M. Atkins

When we talk about brands, we don't usually think about lawyers. But, Trezanay is trained in intellectual property rights management, brand negotiation, and litigation – and she built tmalaw specifically to serve brands in these areas.

Office Action Response Packages

Designed to meet brands at whatever stage of growth they are in, tmalaw offers flat fee, honest pricing.  We also offer payment arrangements