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The lawyer for brands. 

Great Brands. Smart Results.

Whether you're a new brand or an established one, you know you need to handle the legal necessities of your brand. It’s why you’re here. Smart results is the goal whether you’re branding a business, a product, or influence.  


tmalaw is with you at every stage of the brand life cycle -  securing ownership, negotiating collaborations, stopping unauthorized uses, and navigating damaging situations. 


Smart results start here. 


essential to grow your revenues, create economic advantage over competitors, and prevent copycats in a fast paced, ultra competitive marketplace.


expand into new markets and generate significant income by leveraging your brand and influence through well-structured deals.


tackle counterfeiting, infringement, marketplace confusion, and reputation crisis that can negatively impact your brand equity.


how it works

The Process

Schedule your intake call.  


Speak with a team member about your #greatbrand and its unique legal needs. We discuss what #smartresults look like for you.


Select your desired services and complete your New Client documents.  


 We get to work. You breathe easy.


how i works

One size does not fit all.
Nuance matters.

Every #greatbrand has a unique brand story, every #brandbuilder has a unique vision for its growth and expansion.  So, why trust your brand with a click 'n pay, cookie-cutter service?  


You won't find any "packages" at tmalaw™. We spend time getting to know the business of your brand and create custom servicing to fit your needs and your budget.  

we serve

+ podcasts

with branded products and services

we serve

thought leaders
+ influencers

who are the brand

we serve

agencies, hubs accelerators

that build, manage, or support brands

​#GreatBrands need an intellectual property lawyer
who goes beyond the basics.

tmalaw is where

you get the lawyer you need to protect, defend, and monetize your brand.

tmalaw™ is a law firm specifically designed to support women-owned and minority-owned brands by securing their intellectual property portfolios.  

We believe this is absolutely essential to closing the wealth gap and securing legacy for these communities.  



Trezanay Atkins

When we talk about brands, we don't usually think about lawyers. But, Trezanay is trained in intellectual property rights management, brand negotiation, and litigation – and she built tmalaw specifically to serve brands in these areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if you're ready for brand protection?

You are ready for brand protection as soon as you can identify what you're selling, how much you're selling it for, to whom you're selling it, and exactly where you can find that target market. These four questions are what make up the framework of a business plan & brand plan. It is very difficult to do brand protection well when there isn't clarity on these questions. Looking for a resource to get you ready for brand protection? Check out my webinar, "Starting a Business: the PRE-WORK before you start LLCs, trademarks, etc". Visit

What is your pricing? 

tmalaw™ offers flat rate billing on all services (with the exclusion of litigation PR services [hourly] and brand management services for influencers and talent [a percentage of their brand deals]). This means we do not bill by the hour because we have a set fee for each of the forty-three services we offer. Additionally, we recognize that each client has a unique brand, is at a different phase of the brand life cycle, and is facing different market and resource conditions. We craft legal strategy specifically unique to your brand and its situation. And we will quote you a flat rate for that strategy. Our clients find our services comparable to the big firms, but with honest, transparent pricing. Financing is available.

Is a trademark the same thing as "brand protection"?

No. A trademark is any "word, symbol, sound, or device that is used in the marketplace as a indicator of the source of goods or services". Brand protection is the strategic use of all five types of intellectual property to secure the brand - patent, copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and the right of publicity (plus, contracts to secure ideas and business secrets). At tmalaw™, we do the work of dissecting your business and brand to identify each protectable IP asset and work with you to protect each item one at a time (or many!). The goal? To build your IP portfolio - which can be bought, sold, traded, or used as collateral in the marketplace. This is where the money resides.

What makes tmalaw™ different from other trademark attorneys?

First, many "trademark attorneys" do not actually practice IP law full time. They primarily practice criminal law or family law or some other unrelated area and offer trademark services because IP is the fastest growing area of law and they are trying to cash in - at your expense. IP law is not a required course in law school, nor is it on any bar exam. It is important to work with attorneys who exclusively practice intellectual property law. It is a highly technical area that requires experience and training to do it well. Beware of #IGLawyers. Second, tmalaw™ is much more than a trademark registration mill. We provide full legal support for brands - including defense and licensing support. tmalaw™ differs because we were designed to support the entire life cycle of your brand.

Can tmalaw™ help me with all of my branding?

Good question, but no. Branding is a mult-professional endeavor. It requires a great brand attorney (that's us!), marketing pros, PR professionals, graphic designers, brand strategists, etc. tmalaw™ can be a part of your brand development team. We work with branding professionals frequently and regularly to make sure that the ideas being presented, names being generated, and designs/colors/packaging being considered will be strong enough to meet the legal requirements of federal trademark law and are protectable, available, and registerable. We encourage you to involve tmalaw™ during the brand development process.


Plain English. Cost Effective. Legal Partner.

Lawyers may make you feel uneasy.  Maybe you've had limited experience working with an attorney, so you're unsure what to expect.   When you #choosetma, you can work with lawyers who are down-to-earth, keep your legal documentation in order without breaking the bank, or you spending endless hours learning the law to do-it-yourself.


Isn’t this the professional support you deserve as a #brandbuilder?  Yes. 
Add tmalaw to your team today.

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