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Get smart results with guided legal support


We understand what it takes for savvy CEOs like you to scale their businesses and protect their brands. That's why we offer strategic legal advice and ongoing support with intellectual property and brand strategy. Whether you prefer a DIY approach or guided legal assistance, we have the perfect service to fit your needs and ensure your growth.

Upgrade from having just a "project lawyer"

and reap the benefits of a legal advisor


We recognize that a well-protected, well-established brand is supported by strategic planning, roadmaps to success, and ongoing legal advice and support.  Our brand strategy services are designed to do just that.

On-Demand Advice, Diagnostic, Monetization



starting at $1100 

starting at $3500

Who is this for?

For founders, CEOs, and content creators with a specific legal situation that impacts their brand and needs an attorney's immediate attention and legal advice.  


What's included:

Assessment of your legal situation in advance

a 40-minute attorney-client meeting to discuss your legal concerns and provide legal advice on how to move forward.  

What is this for?

Clients love this service because it allows us to dissect your brand + business completely, identify the protectable parts, and detail exactly what needs to be done, the timing it will take, the fees, and in a suggested order of completion.


What's included:

Audit of marketing materials and other documentation to identify IP


Attorney-client Q&A session to discover your business and brand goals, legal concerns

Custom report identifying your intellectual property, highlighting your true brand problems, & legal recommendations for your best path forward.


Wrap-Up call to answer any remaining questions after review of the custom report

Who is this for?

Founders, CEOs, and content creators with existing IP portfolios seeking proactive legal advice and strategic advising on identifying brand growth opportunities and licensing strategy.


What's included:

Audit of intellectual property portfolio to assess brand monetization and licensing strategy


Attorney-Client session discussing TM licensing and brand monetization goals


Completion of brand strategy & monetization roadmap


Drafting of brand licensing agreement

Wrap-Up call to answer any remaining questions after review of the custom report

Ongoing Proactive, Strategic Advice

at a predictable monthly

We offer unlimited legal and business advice, office hours, intellectual property guidance, and more for a monthly, predictable investment to support the growth of your brand and business.  tmalaw™ offers tiered subscription plans to fit the needs of your business.

Who is this for?

For founders and CEOs with newly established and growing businesses, there can be more questions than you have time to research on your own, yet you aren't quite ready for a part-time attorney.  

What's offered:


Quarterly legal project
Monthly brand strategy call
Unlimited scheduled client calls
Access to monthly tmalaw office hours
Trademark Watch
Trademark maintenance filings
How To Guides, DIY Document Generator

starting at $100/month*

Who is this for?

7+ figure organizations seeking fractional legal counsel for proactive legal advice & ongoing support to protect their IP assets, leverage their brand, and build their team.

What's offered:

Team Presence
Monthly brand strategy call 
Unlimited scheduled client calls

Monthly document review or drafting project

Ongoing active brand growth project

Annual brand assessment
Trademark Watch

Trademark maintenance filings

starting at $10,000/month*

*All subscriptions exclude USPTO and Government fees.
*Additional fees for project are added upon request and approval on an as-needed basis.

no set up fees  |  cancel any time

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