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Protect your creative works through a copyright registration.  This certificate validates the rights you have in your work and provides proof of ownership with a certificate from the United States Copyright Office.  If you have created music, written content, video content, a film, e-book, a web series, or anything in between, let tmalaw register that work with the US Copyright Office.  


Your business investment:  $450 + filing fee of $65


It take an average of 6 months for copyright applications to be examined by the Copyright Office.  If you need it to expedite its review of your application  (5 day turnaround) due to (1) litigation (2) contractual/publishing deadline, or (3) customs, the Copyright Office charges a $800 special handling fee.  


You will be invoiced for filing fees after purchase.  

Copyright Registration

  • You have the right to a full refund as long as you cancel your purchase within 48 hours of your consultation appointment.  If you choose to cancel your purchase less than 48 hours before your consultation appointment, there is a cancellation fee is $200.  Once your consultation is complete, our team immediately begins work on your copyright application.  The maximum refund you could receive at this phase is $50.00.   Once a copyright application is submitted to the USPTO office, there is no refund provided to the client whatsoever. The client agrees to this understanding by submitting payment via our website and submitting their intake form to our firm for representation. There are no exceptions to this refund policy.

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