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How do I know if trademarking is a good move?

It's a myth that brand protection is reserved for mega brands, tech companies, or celebrities, so I am often asked by everyday founders and CEOs to determine if trademarking is a good move for them.

I can tell you that it's not just a good move, it's a necessary move for all sellers & manufacturers of goods and services. Here's why:

So, the real question becomes are you, as a seller and manufacturer of goods and/or services, ready for the trademarking process. My top three signs of readiness are:

  • have you identified what you are selling in the marketplace

  • have you designed your offer for the marketplace

  • have you created and tested a plan for generating revenue + profit

In my experience, those who have not done these three things are less mentally prepared to invest the time and money required by the federal trademarking process.

If you're ready, I invite you to learn more about the trademarking process and to schedule a call to get started.

If you're not quite ready, don't leave the site just yet. I invite you to schedule a demo of our subscription service for emerging founders + CEOs that helps them to get ready at a low, predictable monthly investment.



Founder, tmalaw™


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