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The lawyer for podcasts.

Great Podcasts. Smart Results.

Whether you're a new podcast or an established one, you must handle the legal necessities of your podcast. Podcasts involve trademarks, contracts, copyrights, non-disclosure agreements, LLCs and Corporations, sponsorship deals, and more.  It’s why you’re here. Smart results is the goal - because a podcast can be a solid start to building a formidable brand.  

our podcast services

Smart results start here. 


We'll accomplish every service listed in the Basic Package, and then add one additional trademark application to secure federal protection for the logo of your podcast. 


Allow us to form your LLC, secure your EIN number, and draft an operating agreement to share how the owners of the podcast are going to carry out the business of the podcast. Then, we'll file for federal trademark protection for the brand name of your podcast!  


In addition to the items in the Basic and Ultra Packages, we'll secure copyright protection for up to 10 of your pre-recorded, unpublished episodes (or your theme song, if you so choose), and provide you contract templates for guest appearances, engineers & editors, and sponsorship/advertising.    


how it works

The Process

Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call to learn more about our podcast packages and pricing.  


Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a phone call to complete an intake form.


Speak with an attorney about your #greatpodcast and its immediate needs. We discuss what #smartresults look like for you.


Complete the documents that will be emailed to you after the consultation.


 We get to work. You breathe easy.


how i works

#GreatPodcasts need a lawyer
who goes beyond the basics.

Everyday, more podcasters and influencers are realizing that their brand and intellectual property are the most important assets they own. But too many feel completely unprepared to manage their brand.

tmalaw is the law firm where you get the lawyer your podcast needs:  

securing ownership, negotiating collaborations, stopping unauthorized uses, and navigating damaging situations. 



Trezanay M. Atkins

When we talk about brands, we don't usually think about lawyers. But, Trezanay is trained in intellectual property rights management, brand negotiation, and litigation – and she built tmalaw specifically to serve brands in these areas.


Our podcast clients...

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Cost effective. Plain English. Legal Partner.

Lawyers may make you feel uneasy. They can be expensive, difficult to understand and seem to like to complicate things. At the same time, many podcast owners dread the thought of having to manage their brand’s intellectual property themselves (you have more important things to do with your time). When you #choosetma, you can keep your legal documentation in order without breaking the bank or spending endless hours learning the law to do-it-yourself.


Isn’t this the professional support you deserve as a #brandbuilder?  Yes. 
Add tmalaw to your #brandbuilder team today.



The Law Office of Trezanay M. Atkins LLC
125 W. South Street, #2674, Indianapolis, IN 46206

phone | text | fax   317-550- 0115

Contact us for any general questions. 

tmalaw logo-01.png

The lawyer for brands. ™

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