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The lawyer for brands. 


Great Brands. Smart Results.

Whether you're a new brand or an established one, you know you need to handle the legal necessities of your brand. It’s why you’re here. Smart results is the goal whether you’re branding a business, a product, or influence.  tmalaw is with you at every stage of the brand life cycle -  securing ownership, negotiating collaborations, stopping unauthorized uses, and navigating damaging situations. 


Smart results start here. 


essential to grow your revenues, create economic advantage over competitors, and prevent copycats in a fast paced, ultra competitive marketplace.


expand into new markets and generate significant income by leveraging your brand and influence through well-structured deals.


tackle counterfeiting, infringement, marketplace confusion, and reputation crisis that can negatively impact your brand equity.


how it works

The Process

Schedule your intake call.  


Speak with a team member about your #greatbrand and its unique legal needs. We discuss what #smartresults look like for you.


Select your desired services and complete your New Client documents.  


 We get to work. You breathe easy.


how i works

One size does not fit all in

brand protection and defense.
Nuance matters.

Every #greatbrand has a unique brand story, every #brandbuilder has a unique vision for its growth and expansion. 

So, why trust your brand with a click 'n pay, cookie-cutter service?  You won't find any "packages" at tmalaw™. We spend time getting to know the business of your brand and create custom servicing to fit your needs and your budget.  

we serve

+ podcasts

with branded products and services

we serve

thought leaders
+ influencers

who are the brand

we serve

agencies, hubs accelerators

that build, manage, or support brands

​#GreatBrands need an intellectual property lawyer
who goes beyond the basics.

A trademark registration

is just the start.

Everyday, more businesses and influencers are realizing that their brand and intellectual property are the most important assets they own. But too many #brandbuilders feel completely unprepared to manage the legal necessities of their brand once they have secured it.


tmalaw is the law firm where you get the lawyer you need to protect, defend, and monetize your brand.



Trezanay Atkins

When we talk about brands, we don't usually think about lawyers. But, Trezanay is trained in intellectual property rights management, brand negotiation, and litigation – and she built tmalaw specifically to serve brands in these areas.


What brands are saying...

TOL - Walter Blunt.PNG

I actually switched law firms to work tmalaw. During our consultation,Trezanay notified me of the error made in my trademark application by my prior attorneys. The legal strategy, insight, and service I've been provided thus far have already exceeded my expectations!

- Walter Blunt, Founder
Thinking Out Loud, Denver, CO

IMG_4677 (1) - Sonya Robinson.jpeg  Wellness Logo.jpg

Working with tmalaw has been one of the best choices I made for my multiple brands. Trezanay has changed my perspective; seeing myself as a brand builder has increased the value of my businesses and personal brand. She's provided trademark services, defended my brand in court, and has helped me navigate licensing and franchising. The level of promptness and professionalism tmalaw provides exceeds expectations. 

- Sonya Samuels, Registered Nurse and Founder, Opulent Wellness Med Spa, Indianapolis, IN and Miami, FL

280CA4DA-E835-4E2E-9B58-9D386D1E86D3 - Alicia Ramsey.jpeg

tmalaw is extremely knowledgable in helping clients understand how to brand their dream. The firm provided the launching pad so that I could understand how to ensure my creativity and hard work remain protected. The communication is flawless and I never felt lost during the process. I would recommend the firm to all businesses that want to protect their vision!  

- Alicia Ramsey, M.Ed, Founder
AR Consulting, Indianapolis,IN


Plain English. Cost Effective. Legal Partner.

Lawyers may make you feel uneasy.  Maybe you've had limited experience working with an attorney, so you're unsure what to expect.   When you #choosetma, you can work with lawyers who are down-to-earth, keep your legal documentation in order without breaking the bank, or you spending endless hours learning the law to do-it-yourself.


Isn’t this the professional support you deserve as a #brandbuilder?  Yes. 
Add tmalaw to your team today.

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